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Strong Stride is a health and fitness company created by Lisa Watson in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The main focus of the company is to help runners and athletes stay strong and injury-free through specific cross training and proper nutrition. Lisa was motivated to develop this philosophy through her own frequent running injuries. While studying to be a personal trainer, she discovered that many runners needed to focus not only on running, but also on injury prevention through cross training. Less running, eliminating “junk miles” and spending additional time and effort strengthening the entire body make for a stronger runner and a more fit and healthy person overall. This applies to all athletes, but was developed with a focus on runners.

We sell 2 different workout DVD’s. Our original DVD, Strong Stride, is pilates based, but also has additional strength training sections that require dumbbells and resistance bands. Our second DVD, Strong Stride Cardio Strength, is more fast paced, giving you a great workout in short amount of time. Both DVD’s follow Lisa’s fitness philosophy by giving two great cross training options to add into your running/ workout routine.

We know that fitness and nutrition is constantly evolving and we want to keep everyone as healthy and fit as possible, so we are now also offering new youtube workout videos, healthy recipes, fitness tips and much more on our blog to help keep your routine fresh! Also, for someone who wants something more personalized, we will be offering a month to month online training package with customized workouts designed by Lisa specifically for you. Strong Stride is all about helping you be the best athlete and person you can be.


Meet Lisa Watson






  • ISSA Elite Trainer
  • ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer
  • ISSA Specialist in Fitness Nutriton
  • ISSA Specialist in Exercise Therapy
  • RRCA Certified Running Coach
  • PHI Pilates Mat 1 and Reformer 1 certified


Hey Strong Striders!

It’s Lisa Watson and I just wanted to welcome you to my website. For those of you who do not know, I started this company with my mom, Christina Watson, in 2010. I have always been very into fitness and health. My dad got me into running when I was in middle school. We would go running when he got home from work most days of the week. And guess what, we are still running together! We train for marathons now, so we run a little bit longer then when we started out. I love running with him, he is my favorite running partner. Our favorite runs together are the ones that end at a Starbucks, since we both love coffee.

When I got into high school I started to run cross country and track. I started out with the hurdles, but soon realized that I was much better at the longer distances. I had a great running career but I did get hurt a lot more then I would have liked. I suffered with a couple of stress fractures and other pulled muscles. I continued running but was always trying to figure out what to do to not get hurt as frequently.

Once I graduated from high school, I decided to become a personal trainer. While studying the course material, it finally hit me, runners need to cross train. Up until then, I was basically just running and not doing any other forms of exercise. I finally figured out that if runners would do a combination of running and cross training, strength training and pilates, they would be much stronger overall and would be less prone to injuries.

I created this company with the main purpose being to keep runners strong and injury free. I have 2 workout DVDS, recovery bars and also offer free YouTube videos and current heath and fitness information on our blog and social media sites to help keep everyone out on the road.

I hope this helps give you a better understanding of how Strong Stride came to be! I want to help as many runners and athletes as I can be the best that they can be.


Lisa Watson, CEO

Strong Stride Workout FAQ's


Please be advised that there are risks involved in participating in any exercise program. Not all exercise is suitable for everyone. To reduce the risk of injury, consult your doctor before beginning this or any exercise program. The instruction presented herein is in no way intended as a substitute for medical counseling. By participating in the StrongStride exercise program, DVD, Website, or by using the StrongStride Fit Grip and resistance bands, participants are assuming all risks of injury that may result. StrongStride, our instructors, and our third parties shall not be liable for any claims for injuries or damages whatsoever, resulting from or connected with StrongStride Exercise Program, use of the StrongStride DVDs or StrongStride Website or by using the StrongStride Fit Grip and resistance bands. We further disclaim any liability caused by intentional or unintentional negligence.

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